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Horse riding in Teteven Balkan

-One day riding - on the route - Golyam Izvor – Monastery of Glojene – Golyam Izvor – 35 to 60 euros/ per person

- Organizing eight-day combined mountain trekking –on the following routes:

1. Golyam Izvor – Monastery of Glojene – Golyam Izvor – Chetirgrad – Yamna - Sveshtyplas hut – Momina polyana hut – Cherni Vit – Teteven – Cherni Vit – Golyam Izvor – 620 euros/ per person

2. Golyam Izvor – Monastery of Glojene – Golyam Izvor – Brusen – Lopyan – Cherni Vit – Teteven – Golyam Izvor – 670 euros/ per person

                                       For extra information:www.penguintravel.com

                                       Contacts: Dimitar Popov, +359879 59 86 60

Sports and entertainment complex “Varbaka”, Varbaka area, Teteven

Main attraction in the complex is the dam for sport fishing. Guests can use the dam free of charge.

The complex also offers the possibility to rent bikes for walking and off-road - trekking with a off-road car and driver.

Contacts:+359883 27 39 99, +359877 63 23 90

Paintball, Teteven

“Extreme game” offers possibility to:

-Conducting games at customer-specified terrain;

-Combination of paintball and jeep-safari;


The organizers offer a mix of the best games, a combination of wits, creativity, sports spirit and a lot of laughter!

Contacts: Petar Kavalski ; +359878 83 20 13

Fishing and art center, Villa “Cherven”, Teteven

Villa “Cherven” organizes:

-Outdoor Art workshop

Arteko Studio Association with Head: M Stamboliiska-artist: duration- 2 hours: visiting the place with an appointment. Materials from the teacher, minimum 5 children, 10 lv./per child

-Fishing for children – Villa “Cherven”, Konski dol area – fishing for the little ones, an educational walk that learns about the lifecycle of Balkan and rainbow trout. Screening of trout milking and spawning. With an appointment for minimum 2 children + parent, catches are paid for 1 kg of live fish. Duration: 30 minutes. 15 lv. for kg

Contacts: Milena Stamboliiska +359888 34 01 72

Paragliding, Teteven

Destinations – peak “Cherven” and peak “Visok”, accessible starts: mountain ridge Dragoitsa, Yablanitsa and south of the Arch of Freedom in Beklemeto Pass. Minimum flight duration – 15 minutes.

Licensed pilot with over 20 years of experience: Dimitar Nikolov.

Maximum 2 flights for one day. On Beklemeto Pass can be made 4 flights. Pedestrian trekking to peak “Cherven” – 1 hour, to peak “Visok”- 30 minutes.

Movement to Yablanitsa and Beklemeto Pass is by car.

Price 90 lv. for 1 flight.

Contacts: Alexsandar Ivanov :+359879 90 95 75

Hunting tourism

It is carried out by the State game breeding department “Vejen”.

The total plot area is 8000 hectares.

The activity of the department is, use, preservation and protection of game, preservation and enrichment of its species diversity, construction of biotechnical facilities, conducting of hunting events and hunting tourism. You can hunt for wild pig, roe deer, reindeer and predator.

Contacts: Detelin Dakov :+359879 10 09 71

Photo-safari in National Park “Central Balkan”

Organized from hotel “The Three fools”, Ribaritsa

Guests can also use:

-Multifunctional sports field for soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis.

-Bikes for walking around the area's bicycle routes. Advanced cyclists can choose between differently difficult routes in the region and the rest can enjoy a ride around Ribaritsa.

-Optionally, the hotel organizes a walk and a picnic with a barbecue in the mountains.

Contacts: +359879 00 92 11

Mountain fishing for Balkan trout, “Anchova bichkiya” lodge, Cherni Vit

Since 2010 is built a fishpond near the lodge, where guests can fish for fresh Balkan trout. 5000 new small specimens are being supplied every year. The fish lived and grew in an environment close to the natural, thanks to the constant flow of running water. The system is supplied with clean water from the nearby mountain river. The fish feed on specialized ecologically pure granules.

All guests can enjoy fishing for Balkan trout. For bait can be used mayfly or leaves from nearby bushes.

Fresh fish can be cooked on a tile, grill, etc. The trout has a specific taste that makes it one of the most preferred delicacies in Bulgaria and abroad.

Contacts: +359877 15 60 51: +359898 54 31 56

Mountain climbing – massif “Blue Wheel”, Teteven

On the rock massif the “Blue Wheel” situated over Teteven we have set over 15 routes with difficulty from 5c to 8c. Most of the routes are split into two parts due to the extensive height of the rocks. The sector is facing east making it suitable for climbing in spring, summer and autumn seasons. The substantial overhanging upper part and the canopy of trees’ crowns form an “umbrella” and it is possible to climb even in heavy rain. The place can be reached by a path that has a joint start with the eco-path for the “Dangerous tooth” hut/shelter. The markings from the stone pyramid show the place where the path splits into two and goes into the forest. After 20-minute walk you reach a rock threshold that is equipped with rope railing all the way to the routes.

Contacts: Tihomir Vlaevski :+359884 31 93 71

Adventure Park “Adrenaline”, Teteven

Adrenaline adventure park is located in the Balkantsi. Against him is the hotel complex Zdravec. In the columns of the pine forest is constructed rope garden, which is divided by a lawn suitable for games and entertainment. Obstacles that offers are 26 and the average height is 8 meters from the ground. The park is open doors each day for visitors. Attractions offered:

-Rope attraction

-Bidirectional rope trolley

-Climbing on an artificial wall

Rope attraction:

The park is a rope garden in the branches of the trees. It has 2 rope trolleys with length of 65 meters. Everyone who wants to cross the obstacles, gets instructions for using safety belts and carabineers. Instructors give advice and track the obstacles crossing, all safety rules are met. The attraction is suitable for people from all ages. Different obstacles must be overcome and passing through swinging wooden bridges and beams. The difficulty of the elements increases gradually. Instructors take care of safety and special equipment is provided.

The park offers excellent conditions for outdoor games. The place is suitable for organizing teambuilding, birthday parties and friendly games.

Climbing on artificial wall:

The park offers excellent conditions for climbing on artificial wall for beginners and advanced. Nowadays the climbing is an official sport but It was set up many years ago. In recent years the number of fans of this extreme activity is growing, which has led to some transformations in its original structure. Now people can climb in halls and wooded areas with built-in artificial walls where everyone can enjoy an unforgettable experience, with maximum security for their health.

Contact:+359887 92 43 92

Factory for releasing the stress, Ribaritsa – GREEN TUR

if you want to rationalize your stay in the resort, enjoy beautiful sights and virgin nature, taste pure spring water and typical local cuisine, so you have us –Factory for releasing the stress.

We offer:

1.Jeep “Photo safari” – from 4 to 30 people.

-To dead place of Georgi Benkovski, Kostina area

-To “Haidushkoto kladenche”

-To “Chudnyova mogila”

-To “Skoka” waterfall in Teteven

-To Boatin reserve

- To Monastery of Glojene

2. Teambuilding

3. Rent a bike

4. Marching on eco routes with mountain guide

5. Outdoor pool with water bar, playground and barbecue

6. Picnic in picturesque places. Price – negotiable, it depends on the route.

7. Brewing of plum rakia and free degustation.

Contacts:+359888 49 00 99: +359888 83 33 35

For extra information: Tourist info center – Teteven, “Petko Milev Strashnia” 2 str. E-mail: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.: +359882 43 10 58:+359884 31 93 71: +359879 35 34 49


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